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. Frédéric Blanc-Règne

. "Vocal Shower Opera"
. Monopolyphony d’écho Cellulaire (M E C), 2007
. Performance sound Vocal

Monopolyphony is a performance which includes a
vocal performance accompanied with sound parallel
broadcastings of what is directly produced and of
a projection of lights or video images, the set being
led by a single person.

The time of the original compositions is variable
according to fragments. Opera - Song to Cappella Court,
"Little song, Capelette Mélodette, Mélopéette, Cantonette,
Synphonette and pop melody)" correspond completely
to this mode of production.

The song is directly made in cappella by the interpreter
of the melody; it registers it at the same time and pilots
by computer, a mixing of what it has just spread if it
decides on it useful in its composition. A recording of
another version can be also envisaged in distribution and
the activation of a video and image by "beamer" is also
integrated into the performance. The performance stops
effects of synergies of "complétude" and recycling creating
one original composition.

Symphonic sessions with period of latencies, gaps are
boosted in the progress of a direct process, above are
transplanted scenic actions. The space time crossed is
thus updated differently, what returns musical echo's
and person with a strong visual sense melt, effects of
artillery and superimposing superposition.

This project is a piece of multimedia sound art.
Monopolyphony crosses several tracks such as the wave of
acoustic search, the temporal latencies temporal as the
ping in data processing, and interactions, the auto
production of system, a virtual reality and transformed
reality but the performance wants to be one sound and
visual pervading movement based on the pleasure more
than a technical reflection on the interactivity, man,
and machine.


The piece will been spread and downloadable by Internet
giving one extension field.
The performance at the level sound tone is based on the
equation of sparkling grave, medium and pointed sounds.
The spontaneity of the express can also call remind a
morning singing when one take its shower or a folklore
of the polyphonic vocal music with the tone Mediterranean
of the Southern hearts notably Sardinian and complicate
and calanquais or the songs are made at first for the
pleasure and less for the texts contrary to the traditional
singings, the choral spirit of the opera is however present.

Concept and Performance F.Blanc-Règne 2007 /
Composition and sound technical intervention:
M. Tuchetti 2007

. Frédéric Blanc-Règne
. blancregne@googlemail.com



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